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Be it in Operation Theatre or Be it in the wards, the preparation is just a mobile away for a surgeon

Advanced Question Bank

Topic wise tests and Q.Bank based on latest Guidelines and Textbooks.

Personalised Mentor

Any query talk to your surgeon coach just by the click of the watsapp button below

Quick Revision Notes

The notes based on the standard textbooks and Authentic references along with hand written Flowcharts and Special mnemonics

Unlimited Video Repeats

Feel a topic tough and important ? View the videos multiple number of times, There is no limit.

We are unique

Our Surgeon coaches don’t just broadcast Recorded videos, we do Live lectures as well – where you can interact with us.

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Self Assessment Kiosk

Listen to your successful peers

When the knife is the Pen and blood is the ink it means a surgeon has written it !! Click here to see what many other Surgeons had to say

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